ArcheryCrestfield has an National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA) certified archery range.

Opening each spring and made available until mid-autumn, the archery range hosts hundreds of participants each year. Our range is always supervised by a certified instructor to maintain maximum safety.

Retreat groups are able to schedule a time for archery by requesting this program on the user agreement form.

With property on the Slippery Rock Creek and 18 canoes, Crestfield is a great place to plan an afternoon canoe trip or spend an hour on the waters during your retreat.Canoe All of our summer campers get to experience the paddling life during their stay in the summer.

The rolling Slip' (Slippery Rock Creek) that borders Crestfield is very gentle conducive to beginner canoeists and those looking to spend quality time surrounded by the beautiful countryside that borders the creek.

The canoeing season begins in late spring, and closes in mid-autumn. Each Crestfield canoe trip is supervised by a American Red Cross certified lifeguard. Our lifeguards are also trained in small watercraft rescue.

Our canoes are also available to rent for your own river excursion. Crestfield has two canoe trailers that haul eight and six canoes, respectively. We can deliver them for you, or you can pick them up yourself! For more information on either renting our canoes or using them for your retreat at Crestfield, call our office at 724-794-4022.

Experience the challenge of our high ropes course. Our high course is a safe way for groups seeking to overcome more than just the fear of heights, but also debriefing about what it means to overcome our fears with the Crestfield trained facilitator. Our high ropes course contains five elements: a zip-line, pamper platform, a high tension traverse, a high bosun chairs, and the hour glass.

All of our high ropes elements are safe in that each participant is required to wear a harness and helmet. The belay used is a dynamic belay with a trained Crestfield facilitator.

Put on a harness - and we'll meet you at the 'Wall". Our indoor climbing wall is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to test their skills, have fun, and be challenged at Crestfield. All of our summer campers experience the thrills of climbing, while user groups have the option of incorporating this activity into their retreat schedule

Ed's Place is home to our indoor climbing wall which gives rain or shine climbing opportunities.

Sometimes you just want to walk and mediate upon Christ, our Prayer Labyrinth is available for those quiet times of contemplation. Prayer Labryith

Swampball3Looking to get dirty in the Claypits? Why not complete the experience with a game of Swampball. This game is played just like kickball, but (you guessed it!) the bases are big, muddy and gross puddles! Swampball is located in the Lower Ball Field

With 9 different initiative challenge elements at our Low Ropes Course, as well as a whole bunch of other activities in our back pocket, we have enough to keep your group having fun while learning about what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

All of our summer campers experience the excitement of our initiative activities, while user groups may reserve time to grow as a team. A Crestfield trained facilitator will work with your group to develop a meaningful and relevant experience for your group.

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