Ed's Place provides the largest amount of indoor meeting space at Crestfield. The building is made up of three distinct meeting spaces:  Spirit of the Glen Sog

The Spirit of the Glen is the largest room with a capacity of 153 people. During the summer camp and youth retreats, participants often sit on either chairs or on the floor. Of course we gladly adapt this space for adult use by providing tables and chairs.


Bacl Left Edd PlaceThe Back Left Room is a more informal gathering space complete with couches in the round. The Back Right Room may be your ideal choice for a small group meeting space.

Each space is rented separately so choose one room, or choose them all.

Whichever space you choose in Ed's Place, you will enjoy indoor restrooms and a small kitchenette with a sink, coffee, mugs and a small refrigerator very close to your meeting facility.

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